Paeonia lactiflora „hybriden”


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Morphology / Appearance

Paeonia lactiflora „hybriden”

Character recognition:

Plant: herbaceous perennial flowering plant; up to 70 cm in height;
Root: rhizomatous;
Stem: branched in the upper;
Leaves: alternate, dull-compound, last segment with red ribbed, oblong-elliptical, leaflets are narrow-ovate or elliptical, 8-12 x 2-4 cm. Petiole 6-10 cm long;
Flowers: hermaphrodite; 5-10 cm diameter, solitary, red, white, or purple, 4 sepals, persistent, petals 5-10, wider than sepals. Numerous stamens and yellow anthers carpels 3-5;
Fruits: multiple fruit (polyfollicule) consists of 3-5 coriaceous follicles.

Confusion: [...]

Paeonia lactiflora „hybriden”
© 2012. Paeonia lactiflora „hybriden”

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Ecology / Plant spreading

Paeonia lactiflora „hybriden”

Bloom time: Apr , May , Jun
Flower color: pink
Plant type: perennial
Light: Sun, Part Shade
Propagation Material: Seeds

It is native to central and eastern Asia from eastern Tibet across northern China to eastern Siberia.


Paeonia lactiflora „hybriden”

Cultivation / Plant breeding

Paeonia lactiflora „hybriden”

Performs best on soil rich in humus, moist, sunny or slightly shaded with exhibitions. soil pH from 7 to 7.5. Cold winters, hot summers. Is mulching plants to protect the roots in winter. Temperatures 6-10°C.

Seedling transplanting obtained in protected conditions (very slow germination - up to 18 months). Separation of bush fall or spring.


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