Subclass Asteridae



One of the most common species, spread all over the sunny places or semidarkness, roadsides, uncultivated places, pastures and finesse, the plain till subalpine zone. Installs in alfalfa meal sometimes. perennial herbaceous species, with white latex, leaves and stem basal rosette.

Up to the Kingdom

Kingdom Plantae - Plants
   Subkingdom Cormobionta (Tracheobionta) - Vascular plants
    Superdivision Spermatophyta - Seed plants
      Division Magnoliophyta
       Class Magnoliatae
         Subclass Asteridae

Down one level

          Order Gentianales
          Order Dipsacales
          Order Oleales
          Order Solanales
          Order Scrophulariales
          Order Rubiales
          Order Lamiales
          Order Plantaginales
          Order Campanulales
          Order Asterales


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